Work and Diet – Adulting Sucks

Published August 11, 2016 by dividinguplife

This week has been havoc on me. Today I nearly had a meltdown at work. I came in and my desk looked like it threw up all of the paper in the world. 


I knew my day was going to be shit after seeing this first thing in the morning. I love my boss, I really do …. but my job duties are so much more than what I make an hour. Don’t get me wrong, I make more money than I ever have, but I also work harder than I ever have. I’ve been there four years, which is longer than any of the other girls have been there. We have watched four or five people come and go and I’m the original remaining one. I’m an Ophthalmic Technician, Surgical Coordinator, when insurance comes back from office visits or exams, or they want to deny surgeries, I write the appeals, I check into why insurance didn’t pay, I call them and fight like hell to get payments. I do prescription refills, testing with our equipment, schedule appointments when needed …. I know that office inside out. And to be told after a year and a half that I have to wait another six months to possibly get a raise? I am just  …. So. Damn. Tired. I’m exhausted. 

Today we started clinic, and then all of a sudden I have last minute surgery things I have to do, phone calls to make, checking in with retina doctors, calling patients to make sure they don’t want a certain lens for their surgery, meanwhile I’m also fighting insurance for an approval for a new patient, I’m also typing an appeal to blue cross for a denied portion of insurance. My boss is talking to me in my ear like it’s all funny and haha … and I just had to put my head in my hands and really wonder why I am still there. I love my job, I love my patients, and I like how long I’ve stayed … but something has to give. I’m hardly ever allowed to use my vacation time. If you’re sick, you are made to feel guilty about it. I’ve gone into work with the flu and 103 degree fever because they told me it wasn’t fair to the other technician. I just … I don’t know.

Anyway, I weighed in this morning for the week. I’m only down 2 pounds, but I will take it. 


Starting Weight: 298 on June 19th
Current Weight 271
Goal Weight: 198


Beginning, middle, and this morning. 


7 comments on “Work and Diet – Adulting Sucks

  • Firstly… 2lb off! Brilliant! Well done.
    Sorry work is being very tough. How is it fair to come into work unwell? You’ll make others sick too! And also you need to be able to take your holiday days. Be a little bit more selfish….


  • Have you asked your boss for some time to discuss what you are unhappy?

    A civil discussion can not provide a worse outcome than you snapping from work pressure right? Sounds like that’s what’s going to happen.


    • We’ve talked before. He’s always really nice when he say’s something like “That’s the way it is sometimes” … if we complain he comes up with examples of how things are worse at other places, or he will do small things here and there to load a bit more work on us on top of what we already have. It’s a very weird situation. He does things in the most passive aggressive way that leave you wondering if you’re crazy. lol


      • Used to work opposite someone like that. We were in managers in opposite departments. He was really nice to talk to, but silver tongued and two faced. He burnt through staff so bad. I had a team of 8 staff, he had 10. In 4 years I had a total of 10 staff come and go, all happy and encouraging to work with. Turned up early, skipped lunch if needed, stayed late if needed, and I would let them go if they needed doctors appointments and never fuss over sick days. I got more time off them than they got from me.

        My opposite must have gone through over 100 staff members. They all left stressed, never stayed late or came in early, and all ended up hating the company.

        Bosses like him are a pain in the arse to work for, stabs themselves in the foot by burning out good staff, and really won’t care when you finally give up and leave. Then they get to replace you with someone less stressed, younger and hungrier for work. That is until they deplete them.

        Go job hunting lady, you deserve a boss better than him! 😊

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  • Good for you, 2 pounds is awesome. I am not a neat person, and I have a heavy work load, but I always clean my desk before I leave for the day. When I come in the morning its easier to set a positive tone for the day when my work area is organized.


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