In Those Jeans

Published September 3, 2016 by dividinguplife

This morning, after I got ready to go to the grocery store with my husband, I went into my closet and pulled out a pair of jeans that I haven’t even dared to try on in the past year, and I haven’t been able to wear in the pat two and a half to three years. I kept them with me “just in case” I’d be able to fit in them again one day. It was one of those ideas that made me sad, because I know how hard it is to lose weight, and I know how much I have been telling myself that I never will fit into those jeans again. But, I put them on this morning, and they buttoned. And they zipped. Granted, I have that whole “stomach over the top” thing because they aren’t high wasted and I still have a bit of a stomach, BUT … last year when I tried, I couldn’t even get them over my thighs. I call this major progress. I started at a US size 24. These jeans are a US size 18. My goal is to be a size 12. 


That made me really happy. I feel like what I’ve been doing hasn’t been for nothing. Those of you that are on a weight loss journey, know how difficult it is to tell that you’re losing weight, unless you’re constantly snapping pictures of yourself. I had no idea I was at the point that I could get these jeans back on. 

And I took another face shot for comparison to when I started this in mid-June. 


As I’ve stated before, I could tell that my face was getting smaller, only because I put makeup on everyday, and something eventually started to feel different. When I contour on the weekends, I have to use my makeup brush to trace my jawline with one of the darker colors, and I have noticed that I’m actually able to define my jaw line instead of guessing around the fat. 

I really hope that at this time next year, I will be at my goal weight. There are still really difficult days where I just want to eat everything absolutely disgusting for me. 

Start Weight: 298 Pounds (June 19th)
Current Weight: 268.4 Pounds
Goal Weight: 198 Pounds
Height: 5’9″ 


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