We’re Almost Done with the Year

Published December 13, 2016 by dividinguplife

Christmas shopping would be so much easier if I had, Oh I don’t know, money? As it is I’m waiting on my bonus from my boss and the nice check my daughters grandmother (her step-mom’s mom) gives me every year for Christmas. It will be last minute shopping for sure. It’s times like this that I wished I would have understood what a credit score was when I was younger, and paid more attention to establishing credit, so I could at least have an assload of credit cards to fall back on (instead of the one that I have with a small credit line), but no … I wasn’t taught the fun things about credit. Not in school, not by my mother, nobody. In fact, my mom took a credit card out in my name when I was 15 years old and maxed it out (it as a small credit line, I think), so by the time I turned 18 I already had that strike against me. She also got a-hold of my step-dad’s information after they divorced and took a card out in his name and maxed it out. He didn’t find out about it until he and his new wife went to buy a house and he had to pay off the 800 dollar balance before he could get a loan from the bank. Of course my mom swears she didn’t do it, but the credit card was sent to the house she lived in years ago. Now she won’t tell anyone where she lives, probably because when they do trace it back to her, she’ll be arrested or sent to court or something. Way to go, mom. 

Husband and I are trying to figure out what day we’re making our ten hour drive up to get his kids. His ex-wife is being a typical cow, and told him he can pick them up on a weekday. Husband doesn’t have anymore vacation days left so we have to do it on a weekend. We were going to go up there on the 24th and drive back on the 25th but she doesn’t want the kids in the car all day on Christmas (I’m not sure what the difference is as to what day it is for them – either way they get presents when they get to our house), but she calls the shots because she can just say “You aren’t getting them” and the only thing we can do is hire an expensive lawyer and take it to court. That will take time and money we don’t have. So, we have to bend over and take it up the ass until spring when we can hire a lawyer and modify mediation. It’s true what they say; misery loves company. My husbands ex-wife has to be the most miserable cow that I have ever known in my entire life. 

I haven’t stepped on the scale in a few weeks. Mostly because I know my eating hasn’t been where it should be, and mostly because I just don’t care right now. Everything is so stressful around the holiday’s, and the last thing I want to worry about is if I’ve gained a pound, or five, or twenty.  I think I have fallen off the weight-loss train and I’m just kind of laying on the ground looking at the stars. 

My dad had good news from his most recent blood work. He went the holistic route to treat his stage 4 colon cancer, rather than chemo and radiation. His most recent bloodwork shows that his white cell count is normal, as well as everything else. It’s as if the cancer never existed. He’s hopeful, and says that the on-call doctor at his work is absolutely dumbfounded by the results.  That’s hopeful, I guess. He will start a series of vitamin shots for the next round of treatment. On top of that he has gone all organic on his diet. I guess it also helps that his girlfriend is a vegetarian. She’s a bit on the weird side (when she prayed over Thanksgiving dinner it sounded like she was having sex with Jesus), but she still seems to be good for him, which is what he needs.

My daughter has been put on a strict diet herself. The kid loves spicy stuff. I mean she puts red pepper on everything. She loves onions and jalapenos and whatever else she can get her hands on. Because of this, she has developed acid reflux pretty badly. Her dad had the same problem when he was younger and had to have his gallbladder removed.  Since she’s part Asian and her dad is a huge “hot pepper eater” I suppose she got the hot-food-genetics honestly (I don’t like anything with even an ounce of hotness to it.) Now she glances around the kitchen wondering what it is she can even eat, since everything she loves has been taken away (caffeine, chocolate, and red sauce included). Bless her heart. 

I am happy to report a HUGE improvement in her emotions and overall morale since starting this private school in August, though. She actually got perturbed with me last Friday when I picked her up an hour early. She didn’t want to leave. For a twelve year old, that’s saying something. I skipped school whenever I could and did a victory dance if I ever got picked up early. She seems a lot happier there, and for that I am so thankful. Being a teenager is hard enough – not having to deal with asshole children in public school is a blessing at this point. 

But, here’s to hoping the rest of the holiday’s goes without drama! 


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