Cabin Fever

Published January 8, 2017 by dividinguplife

The weatherman predicted for the past week that we would get six to eight inches of snow in my location. Everyone got in a tizzy (it’s the South, we don’t do snow,) and bought out the grocery stores and then shut themselves in their house for the snow storm. My husband and I upped the time on our date night for dinner and a movie and made it home just before 8:00 Friday night. 

The system arrived, started off as rain (which they said it would not do) and by the time my husband went to bed at three in the morning, snow had still not fallen. 

We woke up to about an inch of snow and a lot of ice. Ice sucks here. People talk about Southerners and their inability to drive properly in the snow. What these assholes that don’t live here, don’t realize is that we can drive on snow. What we (and anyone else in the world) can’t drive on, is ice. The sad thing is that we don’t salt our roads – we use brine (a salt-water mixture spray) and it hardly does a damn thing.Plows handle the highways as best as they can (a lot of counties have tractor plows) and the secondary roads are left for the sun to melt the ice. 

My husband and I got out yesterday just to break the cabin fever. We did a slip and slide down one of the main roads, watched a truck in front of us fish-tale and correct themselves before they flipped over. We went to Wal-Mart and walked around for a little while and then came back home. Our driveway is steep and it took my husband three tries to get up and in the garage. 

I hate the snow. I hate the cold. I hate the winter. Even as a child, I hated playing in the snow. We didn’t have sleds and snow boots when I was growing up. We tied plastic grocery bags around our ankles and wore them outside. We slid on baking pans down little hills in our trailer park. I never particularly cared for it. I would rather have the sun, the heat, and the beach at my disposal. Winter depresses me, cold weather makes me downright miserable. I hope that one day, after our kids our grown, my husband and I will move to the southern tip of Florida and stay there until we die.  

I’ve done nothing but eat for the past two days. Being a shut-in isn’t good for my bordem, and therefore isn’t good for my habit or bored eating. But hopefully once I return to work tomorrow (on a delayed opening), I will get myself back on track. 


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