Stop Defining Me, By Who I Voted For

Published January 17, 2017 by dividinguplife

I try to keep my mouth shut when I see opposing views in politics in Facebook. But, sometimes I like to insert how I feel about a position, while at the same time not cutting down how any one else feels about the current state of affairs. 

I just lost my longest friend of 30 years (by my own doing), because of something like this. 

Something was put up that shed Trump in a negative spotlight. 

I’m not Trump-Trainin’ by any stretch of the imagination, but I did vote for him because I refused to vote for Hillary. He won, and like it or not, this is going to be our President starting on Friday. I’m okay with it. 

In order to clear up the misconstrued comment that was put on Facebook, I just simply said “Yes, this was said – but what wasn’t put on here was what followed that statement. This is what he meant by it ….” and I explained what he said. I then followed up with “I never did and do not take offense to the things that he has said that offend other people.” And I don’t, because that’s now how I roll. There are way more important things to be worried and concerned about. 

My buddy responds back with “Of course white people don’t care.” (She’s white, also) and then there was this whole diatribe of comparing Trump with her verbally abusive ex-husband. Okay, I get it. But keep in mind I was verbally, mentally, and physically abused for three years. I understand. But it never even crossed my mind to compare Trump to my abuser. That is just asinine to me, but I kept quiet about it. 

What I didn’t keep quiet about was the “white people” comment. You want to get me fired up? Pull some racist crap out on me and see how well that goes. I went into an entire paragraph about how much white privilege I had growing up in a trailer park with a drug addict mother and absent father. Or having to wear clothes with holes in them, or having all of my crap pawned by my mom’s drug addict boyfriend. Nobody had anything to say about that shit, other than some flimsy “it’s not about income or how one grows up, but rather how they’re treated and have always been treated.” 

Look, I didn’t care for Obama when he won eight years ago. I didn’t care for the other candidate, either. But he was our President and it was what it was. But the shit I took from people of other races?? “You cracker bitches are gonna know what slavery is like now!!” that was shouted to me at a mall one day. People driving through the street screaming “Black Panthers” and shooting their guns in the air. It was total chaos down here in the south. But I didn’t retreat to some fucking safe space and cry about how I was being discriminated against because I’m white. A) That shit would have been laughed about in my face. Because we all know discrimination against whites doesn’t exist and B) I pulled my big girl pants up and continued working my job and taking care of my family. That’s what you do. Life goes on. 

Then one of her friends (a black woman) posted some long ass comment, starting with her credentials on how she’s a journalist for some peon magazine focused on racism against blacks and the white privilege, and she told me “Don’t you dare speak on behalf of the black community as if you know.” Bitch. I didn’t. I loosely quoted (and it was plainly obvious and stated) Trump in a clarification tweet. I don’t know what the black community thinks about things. I’m not black. I don’t pretend to be a damn expert. But, I also don’t give a shit about your race. I have patients that come through my office all day, of every race, sex, religion, and sexual preference. I don’t care. I treat them all the same exact way, because really, all I see are eyeballs. That’s what I specialize in. Eyeballs are eyeballs all day long. 

What hurt me the most though? This friend of mine for thirty years, never once intervened and said “Hey, you know what? I know this girl. She has her opinions. It’s cool. Take a chill pill and let her say what she feels without tearing her down.” Thirty years. THIRTY years. What did she do? She “liked” the comment from that bitch that went off on me about not speaking for the black community. Had the situation been reversed, I would have not allowed someone to speak to her in that way. But she didn’t. And so, I let her go. Just like that. Gone. Done. Hands wiped clean. And it hurts, but I’m still so damn mad I don’t think I’ve fully grasped how much, yet.

I don’t fall in a particular political category. I hate Hillary, I support Muslims (I’m actually reading the Qur’an right now), I grew up Christian but consider myself more of a Theist because I respect all religions and non-religious people. I fucking hate feminism (and I’m talking these third wave feminists that are fucking triggered when the wind blows.) When I was young, I thought Bill Clinton was a cool cat. He got a blowjob from Monica. That sucks (and she did too) but that didn’t stop him from having a decent presidency. Didn’t really care for Bush, and didn’t care at all for Obama. You see what I mean? 

But I’m fucking racist. I’m a right wing conservative with a silver-spoon flying out of my ass. Because I’m not mad that Trump will take office on Friday. Please, for the love of God, destroy the ACA (because this year my insurance is a damn joke) … Keep your plan keep your doctor, my fucking ass. 

So, build your damn wall, kick out people that are here not paying taxes, put stricter laws to prevent people from milking the welfare system. Because seriously, if I see one more woman with three shopping carts full of T-Bones and Cheeto’s pay for her groceries with EBT, and then go jump into her fucking 2016 Escalade sitting on spinners with a TV buildt into the goddamn steering wheel, while driving away smoking her cigarette – I may lose my shit. Meanwhile I’m standing there with 20 dollars worth of groceries and trying to figure out how I can get three meals out of what is in my cart – after having worked a ten hour day. I can’t take my white privilege card out and pay for it. Seriously, my friend found a receipt in the parking lot one day from someone that bought lobster and Ribeye’s and cases of mountain dew with their EBT card. Get the fuck out of here with that. 

Muslims need to come over here? Cool with me. They need to go through the proper filters to become citizens like everyone else needs to, but hey .. come on over. Diversity is what makes us great.  And while we’re at it, Trump needs to make it easier to become a citizen. It’s expensive and it’s tedious. I can bet that a lot of citizens that are natural born citizens, couldn’t even pass that test. 

Leave the homosexuals alone. Transgender, Bi-sexual, Lesbian, Gay. They love who they love. If they don’t feel comfortable in their own skin, what fucking business is it of yours if they change their gender?? “But you’re born the way God intended” …. says who???  If it says that somewhere in religious text – good for that particular book. I will tell you something else, though. If you’re going to go by what certain things in your religious text say, your ass needs to go by them all. And I can promise that you don’t, and you won’t. So stop using that shit as an excuse for your hatred. 

But for the love of God, stop telling me I’m racist because I voted for Trump. Because I didn’t vote for Hillary. Take your shit elsewhere. 

If my uncle taught me one thing before he died (and he taught me many things) it was “Cut the assholes out of your life and move on. You will be better off for it.) He cut out many people from his life that ended up being a thorn in his damn side. He moved along. People thought him heartless, uncaring, and an asshole – but he wasn’t any of those. He just didn’t put up with any bullshit. 

And I’m not either. No matter who I have to lose in my life. 


2 comments on “Stop Defining Me, By Who I Voted For

  • I can relate to this. I don’t really consider myself in any political party. I tend to agree with Liberals on social issues such as same sex marriage, rights for woman and the LGBT, but on the other hand I agree with Republicans on fiscal issues like wanting smaller (and less expensive) government and lower taxes. It’s tough to really be in either camp right now because everything is so exaggerated and both sides are getting opposite “facts” from biased news sources. I can see both sides of every argument, but reasonable discussions I feel like are gone now in this country. If we can’t even discuss ideas with each other without being attacked, then nothing gets accomplished.


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