Published March 5, 2017 by dividinguplife

My boss had a yearly conference to go too, which means I took the opportunity to take Thursday and Friday off since we can never take vacation time unless he’s not there. My husband also took some time off so we could just spend four days together. We’ve been wanting to get out pistol purchase permit, so that’s what we did. Thursday afternoon we went downtown to get our permit. He got his and I got served with a bench warrant from 2009 that I didn’t know existed. I also got served with a court date for another thing I didn’t know existed back in 2009. *sighs* 

Way back when, when I was with The Serial Cheater, we rented a computer from Rent-a-Center. Right before we moved to another city, I asked him to take the computer back to the store since we didn’t need it anymore. He left with the computer and came back without the computer. I assumed that’s what he had done. I guess he sold it, which would make sense, because it wasn’t long after that, that he got fired from his job for stealing. Once that happened, our demise wasn’t far around the corner. After we split up, he went on to be charged with 13 counts of larceny. 

Around that same time, my mom stole my checkbook and caused a lot of my own shit to bounce. Included in that was  a grocery store check. I thought I had gotten everything cleared up way back then, but I guess I missed something. That’s what my bench warrant is for. I was advised to turn myself in, but I’m not doing that until I talk to a lawyer. Not that I can afford one of those. 

I’ve never been in trouble with the law. I don’t have a record. I’m petrified of going to jail. I’ve spent the entire weekend obsessing about it and trying to forget it until I can get some answers. I just want the opportunity to pay the money for the things that are owed so that I can move on, but it just doesn’t appear to be that easy. 

Other than that, we had a pretty fun weekend. We spent time together, did some shopping, and went to see Logan. It was a good movie, but it has been difficult to concentrate on everything with this criminal shit charging to the forefront of my mind every few minutes. 


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