The Active Warrant Debacle

Published March 9, 2017 by dividinguplife

So, Thursday, after I got served with the active warrant from 2009 that I knew nothing about AND the court date for unreturned property that I also knew nothing about …. I stressed all weekend, went back and forth on spending my time finding a lawyer for a price that wouldn’t rape me up the ass, and just going downtown and turning myself in and being arrested and posting bond. 

I went outside Monday to smoke a cigarette at work, turned the corner, and there was a police car parked in the parking lot. I stopped in my tracks, and fourteen thousand things went through my head. Anything from “Chill the fuck out, it’s not uncommon to see a police car in the parking lot.” to “This is it.They are going to handcuff and me and haul me away. I hope they will do it in the hallway, away from my patients. I don’t want them to see me get hauled off to jail.” 

Of course, none of that happened. I called a lawyer on Monday during my lunch. She was 2500 bucks and she could “make it go away” minus the 196 bucks for the worthless check and court cost – whatever price that may be. I nearly hit the floor and almost gave up at that point. I figured all lawyers were going to be like this. I can’t afford a 2500 dollar retainer fee. 

Yesterday I called another lawyer who was very nice but told me he only handles felony cases. He gave me the number of another lawyer, who I called, and spoke to this fantastic paralegal lady who made me feel like she was my fairy godmother. 500 bucks and she would take care of it for me. She got rid of my warrant, she is having my failure to return dismissed because the company has insurance for situations like that. And she is making sure I don’t have anything on my record after I pay the 196 dollars for the worthless check. She’s also getting the court costs waived. 

So, after days and days of stressing about this shit it looks like it’s finally coming to an end. 

I talked to my brother tonight. Sadly, we can compare stories of the ways our mother has fucked us up one side and down the other. A few years ago she stole my step-dad’s identity in the form of an 800 dollar credit card that she had sent to her house, and then promptly maxed out on God-knows what. My step-dad didn’t find out about it until he went to purchase his half-million dollar home and the only thing preventing that from going through was the unpaid 800 dollars on his credit report. Keep in mind that they had been divorced for over ten years by then. I guess my mom held onto his social security number. 

A few years before that, she was living in a fully furnished apartment that was being paid for by a man she would eventually marry (her fourth husband), all the while she was living with a crack addict and would hide his things whenever fourth-husband-sugar-daddy would swing by for a quick lay. He was completely in the dark. He had no idea he was paying all of the bills for a woman that had another man living with her. Oh, I forgot to mention that her fourth husband was her third husbands brother-in-law. I bet you can guess why she and third husband split up. 

So anyway, when it came time for her to move out of the apartment, she took everything out of there. The furnished beds, TV’s, couches, dining room set, etc …. you know who the apartment complex called to collect the five thousand dollars from? My brother. My mom had signed my brothers name on the lease, even though he was only fifteen at the time. They harassed my brother for years for this, until his dad finally got on the phone and threatened to take them to court for harassment. 

She’s swindled so many men out of money by lying. The time she gave me cancer for money was only the tip of the iceberg. It seems that she is still full of surprises. She had an old boyfriend of hers call my brother a few weeks ago (he blocked her number a year ago), to tell him that my brother needs to call our mom because she’s dying, and how dare he ignore her when she’s so sick. He said, and I quote … “Mother fucker, she’s been dying for 24 years. Hell, I’ve been dying, my sister has been dying, WE’VE ALL BEEN DYING according to her. You don’t know shit about her, about me, or about this family. Do not call me again.” 

So, it seems that she has gotten her claws into all of us at some point. I almost ended up in jail because of her. I have a perfect record. She almost ruined that for me. 

Oh, and my dad thinks his cancer is back. So, that’s wonderful. He has started hurting in his back, so he thinks it has spread. He’s supposed to have more scans done soon to confirm his suspicions. Last Christmas the doctor only gave him a year to live. My dad tried the holistic route and seemed to have some luck with it, but that luck may have run out.

No mother, no step-father, my real dad is dying. My materal grandmother is dead. My Uncle died at 45 years old, almost two years ago. I’m running out of people. 

“Everyone I know goes away, in the end. And you can have it all, my empire of dirt. I will let you down. I will make you hurt.” 


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