Shoot Out Your Frustrations

Published March 19, 2017 by dividinguplife

My husband and I went shooting this afternoon. The funny thing is, we went shooting at The Abusers Step-mothers, sisters house. So I guess his Step-Aunt?  The Abuser’s Step-mom stopped by to meet my husband. She loved him and told me as much this evening via Facebook messanger. She said he’s perfect for me. I’d have to agree. 

My husband and I enjoyed shooting today. The Step-Aunt’s huband brought out gun after gun after gun for us to shoot. We all laughed and enjoyed ourselves, which was a nice change. Usually my husband and I keep to ourselves and just hang out with each other. I enjoy that time over anything else, but sometimes it’s nice to get out and be around other adults. 



I’ve only shot a gun one other time, so they scared me at first. After today, I feel much more comfortable shooting them.

The husband of the girl that messaged my husband the other night responded back to my message and was very nice. He said he would deal with the situation. A few hours later, the girl had blocked me on Facebook. I guess she didn’t like me spilling the beans too much. Oh well. If you act like a whore, you get busted. Not my fault. She didn’t block my husband, of course. I guess I will be the bad guy in this situation. 

The Abuser friend requested me today. After having blocked me for over a year, he unblocked me last week, and then requested me today. I accepted, of course. I forgave him years ago. I’m no longer scared of him, and we are both married to other people. Funnily enough, his wife blocked me on Facebook some time last week. I guess she got tired of seeing my comments pop up on her wall, since she’s friends with The Abuser’s family, and all of us remain in touch to this day. 

I hope she worries and thinks about me for the rest of her life. Even though I understand now, why my relationship with The Abuser had to end – she still played a very large part in the demise of the relationship. I’m glad for the marriage and the man that I have now, but it was the principal of the whole thing. Don’t touch shit that doesn’t belong to you. I was mad with him for a long time, too. But he had more than apologized for everything that happened between us. She never has and never will. I hope guilty eats her alive at night. 


7 comments on “Shoot Out Your Frustrations

    • I guess we all do things that others find odd.

      When my ex cheated on me and threw me out, it was devastating. But I think it was more devastating to lose his family. Having never really had a solid family of my own, I craved to be around normal families. They hate his wife, and have always kept in touch with me. I go sailing with his dad and step-mom in the summers. His uncle jokes around with me on Facebook. I’ve never been traditional in the sense of “exes stay in the past” because I don’t have the mindset that if we couldn’t make it work together then there’s no hope for any kind of communication after it ends. I’ve never been one to hold ill-will towards anyone, even if they do me wrong. We’re all human at the end of the day, and severely flawed.

      My husband knows this about me, and is okay with it. He trusts that I know how to keep things platonic. And I’d never actually hang out with these guys that I used to date, if my husband weren’t with me.

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      • I can see remaining friends with exes, and even exes’ families, but I don’t know that I could stay close to a family that enabled emotional or physical abuse. I am so completely over Anderson’s family that I have no desire to ever see any of them again (unless I have the opportunity to spit on some of them).

        But what works for me isn’t necessarily what will work for you. And the world is created in shades of gray.

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      • The only person I ever told about the abuse while I was with him, was his father. And his father promptly went to the house and slammed him up against the wall and told him to not ever touch me again.

        His mother saw him put his hands around my neck and she did nothing. I don’t speak with her. It’s mostly just his dad’s side. I was too embarrassed to tell anyone. Not even my own family, until all was said and done.

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