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I Knew a Future Murderer

Published May 26, 2017 by dividinguplife

I’ve been kind of shell-shocked this week. 

I worked with a man from 2010 – 2012 at my first position in the eye care field. His name was John. He worked over in Optical. He could sell the shirt off of his coworkers back. Women loved him. He always had the highest sales every month out of all of the guys that worked in optical. He was decent-looking. He immediately attached to me when I started there. He would come up to the desk and make small talk, he would eat lunch with me in the food court. We became pretty good friends. With my uncanny ability to read and feel-out people, I could sense that there was something dark lurking underneath the happy boy facade. 

Over time I discovered that John was a registered sex offender. He raped an 18 year old woman in New York in 1989. He went to prison for over ten years for it. He claimed he had been rehabilitated while doing time. He was a former drug addict. He was bi-polar. John was a dark and dangerous man that wore a shield of sunshine. He was smart as hell. When he was clean, he’d give you the shirt off of his back. 

Because he was a sex offender, I never let him near my daughter, who was six at the time. I know people can change, but I wasn’t willing to risk it with her. Any time we hung out, it was when my daughter was at her dad’s house. He and his girlfriend went with me and the guy I was dating, to the beach one day. We had a fun day. 


Not too long after that, something turned dark in John. He started missing work. When he did come in, he was so tweaked out of his mind, he hardly knew what day it was. He would be sweating, his pupils dilated so much you couldn’t see the hazel iris of his eyes. 

And then one day he was gone. No goodbye or anything. Just, gone. Later I would find out that he was house sitting for some family members while they were on a cruise, and he ended up selling everything in their house for drug money. Before they came home, he bought a bus ticket and hauled ass to Ohio to stay with some of his girlfriends relatives. His girlfriend called me to help her pack their one bedroom apartment, because she had no one else. 

Apparently with John being a registered sex offender and on probation, skipping town was a bad idea. He failed to register in Ohio, and because he was on probation, he wasn’t supposed to leave North Carolina. Within six months US Marshall’s kicked his front door in, and he went back to jail for 33 months.

I kept in touch with his girlfriend while he was in jail. Once he got out he called me to catch up. He invited me up to Ohio for his wedding to his girlfriend. I couldn’t get away from work, and I wasn’t about to drive up to Ohio for a wedding anyway. When our old boss died last year from a blood clot to her lungs, I sent him a text message to let him know. 

May 5th he called me out of the blue, but I was working. I sent him a text message asking him if he was okay. He said his alternator went out in his car. I knew he was hinting around at wanting money, but I don’t have extra money and it isn’t my responsibility to financially support someone that isn’t my family. He told me to call him when I had time. I didn’t.

Tuesday night I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and a post that a friend of mine in Ohio liked had an article that had a picture of a man being arrested. I thought to myself “That looks like John.” Then I saw the title of the article which said “Ashtabula Man Charged with Murder..” and I was like “No way, it can’t be.” I knew John and his wife lived in Ashtabula Ohio. 

Apparently, from what I read throughout various articles – A family friend called John over to take their 13 year old daughter out of the house because her parents were arguing. He walked over there and got the girl, and then decided to kidnap her along with one of his friends. Why? According to him, because the girls father owed them thousands of dollars for Meth. The plan was to hold her hostage until her father paid up, and then give the girl back, unharmed. 

Something went very wrong. Based on John’s mugshot, I know for a fact that he was tweaked out of his mind. I know John’s “drugs look” unfortunately. 

This is the John I knew. The John that wasn’t drugged up. 


This was the John that was arrested last week. 


According to his confession, while him and his buddy were driving this 13 year old around as a hostage, they pulled over and struck her to make her be quiet. They then pulled into a field and John told his buddy to leave. John shot this girl and then set her body on fire. Karma intervened and made it to where his car wouldn’t start, so he had to abandon the car at the very place he murdered that little girl. Another friend of his his a bloody knife and disposed of his bloody clothes and gave him a pair to change into. 

He stole a neighbors car, drove into PA and led cops on a chase before he was captured a short time later. 

The Article

I knew John had problems, but I never imagined him capable of murder. Even drugged out, it’s hard to imagine that your mind is so altered that you could murder a child. I knew a man that went on to murder a child. It makes me sick to my stomach. 

I hope he gets the death penalty. Even thinking back to any good times I had with him, they are all now tainted by the murdering of a thirteen year old little girl. How can you do something like that? 

His wife was also arrested for tampering with evidence and obstruction of justice. She choose to help him after he did what he did, and now she will pay the price for his crime, as well. 

I cried myself to sleep Tuesday night. All I can think about is the fact that I have a child that is a week away from being thirteen. I knew this man, and it could have just as easily been my family that was affected by him. Granted, I never let her around him, but I did associate with someone that was capable of this. 

It’s just another reason to add to my list of reasons that I don’t hang out with people outside of my household. I just don’t. I don’t like to, and I don’t see a good enough reason to. I have my husband and my kid and that’s all that I need. 

Drugs Don’t Discriminate

Published January 21, 2017 by dividinguplife

I took a break from Facebook, because everyone on there has lost their fucking minds. While people are bitching about being scared for their safety, worried about Trump becoming Hitler, the Liberals setting shit on fire in the streets as a form of protest- while all of that has been going on, my friend from high school overdosed on Heroin and died. That’s real world shit. Not how concerned you are for your safety over President Trump. Give me a fucking break. 

This beautiful, charismatic, quriky, woman slipped away into the night after a lethal injection, which would be her last. She died. She left us all here to wonder what the fuck we could have done differently for her. 

She had just gotten out of an extended stay in rehab a few months ago. I thought she was doing better and getting her life on track. I saw her last year at a restaurant that she was training to be a manager at. We kept in touch through Facebook. And then she was gone. Just like that. Boom. No more. 31 years old and all I have left of her are memories of sitting at the lunch table my Sophomore and Junior year, swapping stories back and forth (hers always more interesting because she partied a lot.) I think she was one of the first people I told that I lost my virginity when I was 15. She wasn’t married, she had no children, and no boyfriend. She died and left behind memories. There is no one to carry on her legacy. That’s fucking sad. 

That marks number 5 in people I went to school with that have died since we graduated. Three were murdered over drugs, one died when her PTSD boyfriend took a shot gun and blew her face off after coming home from Iraq, and now this girl. 

Drugs are such horseshit. They aren’t worth it. They aren’t worth it destroying yourself, and dismantling your entire family. Because let me tell you, my friends family is destroyed. That was their only daughter, and they tried so hard to make sure she had the help she needed. They had no idea that she had fallen off the train again. None of us knew. 

I grew up around drugs. I can’t count how many times I had to step over my mothers body on my way to the kitchen, because the line of blow she had done was so powerful that it knocked her ass out right where she had been sitting. Cocaine made her giddy. Crack made her an asshole. When she drank, she was a bitch. My mother is probably the number one reason that I’ve never done drugs (minus that six month time period I smoked weed when I was 28 years old) … but the thought of doing anything harder? No thank you. It has been presented to me on many occasions. I hung out with a lot of party-goes in high school. I’ve seen it all circulate around me. Every time I saw shrooms or acid, crack, cocaine, and god only knows what else – the thought of my mother flashed across my mind and that was all it took. That woman destroyed my childhood. Her selfishness caused myself and my brother to be put through unspeakable things. 

But damn. Losing someone like this? It always gives you a reality check on how short this life is. How it can be taken from you at any moment. 

So, while the butthurt of America carries on marching and showing their ass because they feel betrayed and scared and triggered and whatever else …. we had to bury my friend today. We had to put her in the cold ground. That’s reality. That’s something to get upset about. Not about this temporary shit.